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Demon Chef Alvin Leung

His X-treme Chinese cuisine is a definite art form.  Leung took his unique and dedicated professional approach to his cooking and became one of Hong Kong’s most celebrated hosts. His innovative approach to food, which includes using traditional ingredients in extraordinary new ways, made his cuisine a definite art form. Currently reigning fifteen in Top 50 Best Restaurants in the World and Michelin Two Star status –Bo Innovation remains one of the hottest dining experience in town.

As a successful engineering businessman, Leung applies the same principles to his restaurant and am equally committed to every aspect of his business from concept to execution. Alvin’s involvement extends to designing daily menus, the ambience and the signature place settings – perceived as the ‘Theatre Stage’ . ''I like to challenge people's expectations, to surprise and excite them. My aim is to have people say – That was the best meal I've ever had!! and I just work backwards from that."


Alvin Leung Jr.


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