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Chris Wong 黃凱芹

In 1986, Chris signed a contract with Polygram Records (寶麗金唱片公司) to make his official EP debut《再遇》. The next year he released his first LP album “Moody” and won lots of attention with the big hit “Sad Lovers” (傷感的戀人). He then released 6 more LPs with Polygram, wrote songs for himself and others. With the popular ballad “Devoted” (傾心), awarded as the highest airplay hit, he became more active as a singer-songwriter. 

1992, he signed the local Fitto Records (飛圖唱片公司) , after releasing the album “Stay With Me” with Polygram Records, in which the song “Lovers in the Rain” (雨中的戀人們) became his masterpiece. In the same year, he became more popular in the mainland with release of “Late Autumn" (晚秋). In 1993, he joined Rocks Records in Taiwan and released the album 《無怨無悔》. After 3 LPs and a collection album with Fitto, he then released himself from the music scene for seven years. 


Yet, he came back, for the love of music. In 2002, Chris made some more records with Universal Records (環球唱片公司) , (previously Polygram Records). Later, those charity tours, shows, and albums he did with World Vision (世界宣明會) had broadened his focus on the world, his music, and his life. With his own workshop he then continued to make more records, however, with a more mature point of view in his lyrics, till today. 


Among his more current LPs, his fans especially love the concept album he made in 2017. It’s a tribute to some chinese poems and literature, at the same time commemorating the 30th anniversary of his music career, Chris named the album “Chris Wong’s Mirage” (詩人說夢), which won as one of the “Top Ten Chinese Records in Cantonese" at the 10th Chinese Golden Melody Award of Guangzhou (第十屆華語金曲獎「粵語十大華語唱片」獎).


It’s been a wonderful musical journey. So let’s celebrate together at the 35th anniversary concert (細聽黃凱芹35週年演唱會)with Chris, who will always be the poet of the Hong Kong Pop Music!

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